Launched in 2019 as a franchise from Bamboo Bicycle Club in London.  Bamboo Bicycle Club Amersfoort is run by Tim van Woudenberg. Tim himself experienced the excitement of building a bamboo frame from scratch when he went to a workshop in 2016.

The slogan ‘like no other bike’ says it all.

The workshop is situated in Fabriek aan de Eem, Heliumweg 40, Amersfoort.  Fabriek aan de Eem is a hub with several creative small businesses.

Currently the workshop can train 3 people a time per workshop. 

Aim for the future

A bamboo bicycle for everyone who wants one but build completely by themselves.

The workshops are starting in 2020. We are aiming for a grow model where every year more frames and bicycles will be build than the year before.  Where will it end? No idea.  We will see how it develops. And lets be honest that is the best way to view the future.

The workshops are not the only aim.  Together with the owners of the bamboo bicycles, we hope to organize social events and Bamboo Bicycle rides.  Everyone in bicycle gear of the Bamboo Bicycle Club, what a wonderful aim.

In 2016 Tim discovered in the design museum in London a brilliant aero race bicycle.  The bicycle appeared to be made from bamboo and designed by the Bamboo Bicycle Club.  By the bicycle there was further information about the Bamboo Bicycle Club.  It explained that you could go and build your own frame from bamboo during their weekend workshops.

As Tim is madly enthusiastic about different types of bicycles it was immediately clear that he himself would attend a workshop to build a frame from bamboo. During this workshop he build his own first frame from bamboo under the guidance of James.

Carry forward to 2019.  By pure co-incidence Tim got back in touch with James and both decided that there was a place in Holland to start a Bamboo Bicycle Club.  This is the start of the Bamboo Bicycle club Amersfoort  

Tim van Woudenberg – Founder of Bamboo Bicycle Club Amersfoort

Get in touch.


[email protected]

Instagram: BambooBicycleClub_Amersfoort

Facebook : BambooBicycleClubAmersfoort

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