With extensive experience of running unique team building events, we provide packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your teams will follow in the path of the early bicycle building pioneers, providing the ultimate experience of creating a bike from scratch and riding into the sunset!

Bicycles are more than just something to get you from A to B. Through developing the design, building and finishing of the bike, you will challenge your teams creativity, problem solving, communication and collaboration abilities. These are essential ingredients to any business where differentiation and continuous improvement are key.

what happens.

Each team consists of a maximum of 5 members. All materials and tools are provided, as well as on-site facilitation and instruction.

The build starts with a simple blueprint of the frame right through to the finished bike. We provide a full set of step by step manuals, in addition to online videos for each stage.

Teams can customise every aspect of the build, from bike style, colour and finished components, allowing your teams to create a unique and distinctive bicycle!

All materials and tools are provided, as well as on-site facilitation and instruction.

Team Building with a differance, 


Specific learning outcomes can be tailored to the client needs, focus and requirements, however we see the following benefits as consistent learning outcomes:-

  • Develop a deeper self awareness on how you contribute and collaborate in a team environment.
  • Identify the barriers to team functionality and work to overcome them collectively.
  • Understand the need to communicate with impact and context.
  • Recognise the ‘right time’ to adapt and connect your style, strengths and communication with others.
  • Increase team and individual effectiveness and productivity.
  • Become more focused on the achievement of team goals and objectives.


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