2 Day Bespoke Frame building Course


Build the bicycle of your dreams on our 2 day bespoke course.

Who is this course for?

People looking to build a bespoke bicycle and learn all the techniques involved in bamboo bicycle making.

Great gift for a cyclist who’s keen to learn about frame building as well as create their perfect bicycle.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites. It will suit complete novices or experienced builders as we can tailor the content to suit your specific skills and experience.

Duration and Format

The workshop will have 4/6 participants. With 2 teachers. The workshop runs from 9/5 Saturday and Sunday.

Whats involved

This is our standard course offered at bamboo bicycle club and involves all the skills to allow someone to complete a frame. It will run through traditional frame building methods used by steel and aluminum frames and cross into working with composites most associated with carbon fibre.

  • Initial frame design and fitting – Pre workshop, remote contact
  • Working with bamboo and mitering – Saturday
  • Working with bio-composites and finishing frame – Sunday
  • Optional extras – finishing days

Extra info.

  1. What you will learn
  2. Frequently asked questions
  3. What our students think
  4. Terms and Conditions


Cost of course:

Deposit: = £150.00

Total = £600.00 incl VAT

Extras –

Standard finishing session – £150.00 – unlimited use of workshop and equipments
Bicycle components – examples
Single speed – £250.00
Road Basic – £350.00
Road higher end- £850
MTB – £650
Donor Bike – Free!