quick homebuild kit facts.

Kits sold (counting) = 980+

Biggest group build = 10 Kits

Most popular kits

Road 32%

Hybrid 22% | MTB 19% | Cyclocross 18%

No. of countries shipped to = 42

Furthest shipped to = Tokyo, Japan

The home build kit arrived yesterday morning, really impressed with the speed of delivery! The kit looks great and the instruction booklet is a real work of art.

Chris Woodcock

At the end of the workshop, each bike reflected the personality of whoever had made it. Some were lean and sporty. Others were pristine, methodically made and expertly finished. My bike is charmingly flawed, clearly the work of someone who charges into things without thinking them through and then hopes for the best. The bike is me. I don’t think I could love it any more than I do.

Stuart Heritage
The Guardian

In a society where we spend most of our lives hunched over a computer screen, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative, use my hands, and build a one-off, bespoke product that I can cycle around London. Nevermind one that suits my body-type and personality far more than anything I've ever seen in a typical bike shop.

Claire Smith

Really enjoyed the workshop, the small group, the social context, the positive atmosphere and the high level of knowledge from James and Emmanuelle.

Mats Stendtrom