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Singletrack Magazine build a bamboo bike!

ack in February for issue 117 of Singletrack Magazine, we decided to see if a self-confessed perfectionist who’s terrible at woodwork make a bamboo bike from scratch at home? Well, the answer is ‘sort of…’ Words: Wil Photography: Chipps Sand a little bit. Stop. Step back, blow away the sawdust, eyeball the mitre. Nah not quite, needs a […]

Road.CC Part 2

Dave’s making a bike out of sticks and glue. At the moment this mostly involves sanding… Our Dave has been interested in building a bamboo bike for a while, and he’s finally bitten the bullet with a kit from the Bamboo Bicycle Club(link is external), which purports to contain everything you need for the job. With […]

Live Build at the Design Museum London

  Bicycles. If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam you’ll know that the Dutch use their bikes to travel everywhere, cycle anywhere and park them in the most unlikely of places. But with health experts recognizing the advantages of cycling (as opposed to driving), bikes are becoming an increasingly common sight in other cities around the world, […]

New Horizontal Disc Dropouts

At Bamboo Bicycle Club we continually try to improve what we can offer bike builders. With dropouts there are a range that exist on the market, but very few are compatible with bamboo and our build techniques. So for the last 6 years we have been designing and manufacturing our own. In terms of design […]

*LIVE* at the Design Museum! 3D Bamboo Bike DAY 2.

A live blog from the Design Museum to talk you through a day of finalising the world’s first ever 3D printed bamboo bicycle! Communications from Frank at A Marr + Associates. Today we’ll focussing on cleaning up the frame and adding the components that our sponsors have provided to us. Our sponsors include wheels set from […]

*LIVE* at the Design Museum! 3D Bamboo Bike DAY 1.

Today we have * LIVE COMMENTARY* from the Design Museum! Experience cycling history as the world’s first 3D printed bamboo bike is constructed live! Communications from Frank at A Marr + Associates. 16:54 – LIVE UPDATE – THE FRAME IS COMPLETE! We’ll leave it over night for the glue to dry and tomorrow we’ll start adding the […]