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Ride 24

EAM RIDEASONE + ONE POMMIE BRIT POMMIE JAMIE ROBERTS REVIEWS REVOLVE24 AUSTRALIA Great trip, cycling holiday adventure, friendly people, wind, rain, sun and real grit….. Being British, I think I could be excused for moaning about the weather and all the elements at once. But not this Pom. This is my third Revolve24: 2 x […]

Environmental activist gears up for 6,000-mile bamboo bike ride

Kate Rawles will ride a bike made from grass grown in Cornwall to raise awareness about the loss of biodiversity. A bicycle made out of bamboo grown in Cornwall, UK will be ridden the length of South America by an environmental activist and adventurer raising awareness about the loss of biodiversity.The bicycle, which needs to be […]

The first few hundred miles – Kate Rawles

If you are starting in Cartagena, Colombia, Santa Marta is not on the way to Patagonia. It’s about 150 miles up the coast to the north east. But, with a cluster of invites to visit various environmental projects in that direction, it seemed like a minor and worthy detour. And so, finally, after 5 weeks […]