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The Working Artisans’ Club Exhibition: Opening Night in London

Following much of the same in Munich last month, we were in really cool company at the opening night of The Working Artisans’ Club exhibition in Shoreditch yesterday; set up to celebrate the yearlong editorial series on contemporary handcrafts featured in Huck Magazine and sponsored by O’Neill. After a day of screwing in shelves, inhaling […]

London Welcomes the Working Artisans Club

The Working Artisans’ Club 2014 exhibition and workshops arrive in London, 13-18 November, presented by Huck and O’Neill. After a huge reception in Munich, The Working Artisans’ Club 2014 is on its way to London. It springs to life as an immersive multimedia exhibition and free workshops at Huck’s 71a Gallery in Shoreditch, November 13-18. […]

Bamboo Bikes – not a new concept

Myself and Ian are often in debate about the geographical origin of the first bamboo bikes. To clear up any debate we’ve put together a blog! The Bamboo bicycle was a very expensive machine. In 1895, as a public relations exercise, the Bamboo Cycle Co delivered Bamboo cycles to the top English aristocratic families, and asked them […]

Er, could I have my stolen, home-made, utterly unique, bamboo bike back?

As featured on the BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-25913241 Thousands of bikes are stolen in the UK each year. Most are never seen again by their owners, and some even have to be bought back from criminals. But when advertising account manager Hugh Allman, 28, had his taken, he was eventually reunited with it – largely because […]