Teds Bambusrad.

Warum hast du dich für ein Bambusrad entschieden?

I’ve been wanting to build my own bike for quite a long time. A friend of mine has built some beautiful steel bikes which inspired me but for me it’s always been bamboo. Originally my intention was to build a single speed (fixie) but when I changed job I started commuting on my bike on a daily basis and the plan grew to build a road bike with disk brakes 

Hat es Ihnen Spaß gemacht, das Fahrrad von Grund auf neu zu bauen und würden Sie die Erfahrung weiterempfehlen?
I started off with the standard kit where you mitre the bamboo and then fix them together with fibre and epoxy. The main problem was the alignment of the rear stays as the home-build jig wasn’t as sturdy as the steel jigs they use in the workshop. But while I was in the process of building it, the Bamboo Bicycle Club came out with the pre-fab lugs and I could just see that with those you would be able to build a very good looking bike in a short space of time. And indeed, within a couple of weeks I was riding my home-built bike! So in summary, I think if you want to do the whole hog and go fo the fibre and epoxy, I would personally advise to do it at a workshop. For home-build, the pre-fab lugs are just fantastic

Was war für Sie am schwierigsten an Ihrem Bike?
Like I said, the alignment of the rear-triangle when you’re building with epoxy. With the pre-fab lugs, the only issue I had was finding a solution for the rear disk. The first batch of lugs did not have an attachment for the brake caliper so I had to fabricate something myself. I understand that there is a new version on its way that resolves this issue.

Wie würden Sie die Fahrt Ihres fertigen Fahrrads beschreiben?

Es ist ein absolutes Vergnügen. Ich liebe es, auf mein Fahrrad zu schauen. Wenn ich fahre, kann ich es kaum erwarten, bis die nächste Kaffeepause mein Fahrrad abstellt, damit ich es wieder liebevoll anschauen kann :-). In Bezug auf die Fahrt ist es genau das, was ich mir erhofft hatte. Es ist schnell, leicht, flink und glättet die schlechte Straßenoberfläche, unter der wir hier im Norden leiden müssen.

W.Was war der einfachste Teil des Builds?

Once the frame was finished, putting all the components on was a breeze. I’ve done quite a lot of bike maintenance so putting it together was just a great experience to see me getting closer to riding it.

Welchen Rat würden Sie anderen Bamaboo-Fahrradherstellern geben und was würden Sie verbessern, wenn überhaupt?

I think if you want to build with epoxy, then I strongly advise to do the workshop or at least get a steel jig. I would also advise to take your time on the mitring of the stays. As for improvements, having a disk brake caliper on the pre-fab lugs is already on its way :-).

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