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Emanuele Weekly Update.

Published: 2nd October 2015

Written by: James Marr

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I’m Emanuele, 25 year old product designer from Italy.

After four months working at the Bamboo Bicycle Club, I’m ready to start a new journey sharing with you my ideas, projects and my point of view through this blog.

At first glance, I thought a bamboo bike was cool but there is more than the mere product behind it.

Coming from Italy where the design culture is based on the link between tradition and innovation and where the lifestyle, “bella vita”, is made by good design, good food and emotional resonance.

I moved to London one year ago, carrying with me the attention for details typical of Italian handicraft combined with the passion for open source projects. New technologies are nowadays making affordable for DIY purposes and small prototyping. 

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I love to getting my hands dirty and when I had the interview with James, on at beginning of May, I understood that it was the right place to increase my knowledge and to show my skills.


My design view is user centred and thanks to my experience at the Bamboo Bicycle Club I learned how important is the customer involvement in the process of making its own product and having real feedback during workshops.

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The aim of the Bamboo Bicycle Club is to provide you an unforgettable experience and our objectives in the past few months were to simplify the process of customising and building by hand. 

When I built my first frame, I was in the shoes of our customer just like when they receive a KIT at home, in this occasion I tried to ameliorate the productive process thanks to a photographic report introduced in the new manual and instructions

For Bamboo Bike Kit project I had the pleasure to collaborate with Bianca, a German Greenpeace activist who was helping James for one year. 

I found the kit fun and easy to do a home with simple tools.

Thanks to the feedback from the customers we improved the manuals simplifying the user experience with a new design and layout made by Alicia, an graphic design intern.



I will be doing a weekly blog with what new and happening!!! I will suggest you design ideas, new components to make your bamboo frame cooler and some tips about my experience with this incredible material and our development with it.

I hope to meet you soon in our workshop and to be an important part in shaping your bamboo bicycle.

See you soon and stay tuned,