Bike Week 2015

How to Celebrate Bike Week – 13th to 21st June

National Bike Week is one of the largest UK cycling events, where bike riders gather to promote sustainable travel, encourage healthy lifestyles, and develop community. You can participate whether you own a bicycle or just want to experience the fun for a cause.

Embrace your Freedom
Watch or take part as Bike Week kicks off Saturday in London with the popular and somewhat shocking naked bike ride through the city. Celebrating the individuality of the human body and the efficiency of the bicycle, riders can wear as many or as little clothing articles as they wish during the event. These bike rides also take place in other cities across the country throughout the week, so look to see if there’s one that will be coming near you.

Cycle to Work
If you need a break from squeezing onto the tube in the morning and navigating the delays, then figure out the best cycling route from your house to your workplace. Who knows… with the lovely summer weather, you might just enjoy it enough to continue riding to work even after Bike Week.

Gain Confidence on the Roads
If you’re nervous about riding among all the London traffic, Bike Week offers free adult cycling training from trained instructors. It will make cars a lot less intimidating.

Find Inspiration
Two adventurous bikers are travelling from France to New Zealand this summer, which is roughly a 25,000 kilometre trip. They are cycling for sustainable development with their campaign Cycle for Water. Follow along with them on social media as they create their bikes and start their journey.

Take Your Family Out for a Spin
If you get some time off of work this week, spend it cycling with the family. It will make for lovely time in the park or on the roads, and you can always stop for a picnic.

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