Learn to build your own bamboo bike.

Build a bamboo bike with one of our experts during a workshop or using a home build kit at home.

Why build your own bamboo bike.

1. Sustainable

Our bikes are built with sustainable materials reducing carbon footprint.

2. Comfort

Bamboo bikes offer a better ride with natural vibration dampening

3. Customize

Customized frame improves comfort and performance.

4. Durability

A bamboo bike is durable, resistant to stress and suitable for the most challenging environment.

Helping people to build bikes better bikes.

Founded in 2012 we have been helping people build bikes that are designed for everyday commutes or cycling around the world

Home Build Kits

Build your bike at home.

order a MTB, Gravel or Road kit, complete with a manual and video guides to build in any location

New: Pre-Lugged home kit.

Simple to build at home road build kits.

Latest Journal Posts

Ted’s Bamboo Bike.

It is an absolute pleasure. I love looking at my bike so when I’m riding I can’t wait for the next coffee stop to park my bike so I can look at it lovingly again :-). Ride-wise, it is exactly what I was hoping. It is quick, light, nimble and smoothes out the poor road…

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In the news.

It was then I understood. Not only do I have a new bike I will get miles of use from, but every time I ride it I will remember the satisfaction of having made it myself. Just don’t ask me to build you one too.

“Really comfortable to ride, price is a really good thing at £495.00 for the workshop for a custom frame it makes the course is super value and very inclusive”

“All of a sudden I started to ride it like a normal bike, it rides really well, It’s smooth and it’s quick, I’ve really enjoyed riding it!

“I’ve just built a mountain bike out of bamboo. It’s a bike that I made with my own bare hands. And I think that’s pretty cool.”

“My bike is charmingly flawed, clearly the work of someone who charges into things without thinking them through and then hopes for the best. The bike is me. I don’t think I could love it any more than I do.”

“I’ll admit to being terrified the first time I went down a steep hill, but the bamboo tubes and my handiwork with the glue remain sound. The bike is light and flexible and rides really well.”

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