A Review of Spin London 2015 – Urban Bike show

A guest blog by Claire one of our Club Member – Thanks for the submission

As a novice cyclist – to say the least! – I viewed attending ‘Spin London: The Urban Cycle Show’ on a hungover Sunday afternoon with mild suspicion. And with a name suggesting a city-wide workout, this suspicion grew to trepidation and outright fear on route to the show…

I’m happy to report however that there were no compulsory activities (though a test track was provided in the basement for those wanting to indulge) and I was free to potter around the 80 exhibitor stands taking part in this years’ show.

The venue was fittingly urban in a disused sorting office near Tottenham Court Road. Unfortunately the great location and space were slightly let down by there being no route for attendees, and it was difficult to orientate yourself and know which exhibitor stands you had visited.

That said it was a great showcase for an industry looking more and more progressive and I was particularly impressed with the range of functional accessories on offer; from Campbell Cole’s minimalist but hard-wearing bags and wallets, to Vel-Oh’s stylish water repellent tote-bag which transforms into a backpack, and even the more traditional cycling brand Brooks venturing out and displaying their modern range of canvas knapsacks, pannier bags and rucksacks.

Bikes of course took center stage with everything from folding bikes to fat bikes, tandems to track bikes, custom builds to choppers (and that’s where my bike alliteration ends!) in diverse materials, finishes and styles – and forced you to think about how you might design your ‘dream’ bike. Whilst I fear we’re never going to escape the purists who believe you can’t cycle in anything but lycra, this show offered a refreshing insight into the future of cycling and it was exciting to see everyone peddling towards such a dynamic and innovative destination.

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