Bamboo Bicycle Club London

Founded in 2012 by James Marr and Ian Macmillian. Ian left early in 2013 and James continued to run the workshop. First established in Hackney Wick a creative area in London the workshop has now moved to Canning town mainly due to gentrification. The new workshop is new and organised and a great space for bike building.

James Marr Bamboo Bicycle CLub
James Marr Current Director at Bamboo Bicycle Club

The finding principles were to allow people to build custom bikes and have fun doing it! The workshop is based around inclusivity and desire to create the best bike possible.

Since established in the Club has worked with lots of brand including, Google, San Miguel, and O’Neil. Featured in the Design Museum, joined the Prime Minister in the cabinet rooms for the launch of the Tour de France and meet the Her majesty at a Great British event which we exhibited at.

Workshop Canning Town
Bamboo Bicycle Club Canning Town.

We’ve been privileged in meeting 100’s of people through workshops and continue to build the community!

The aim of the project to keep developing method to improved bicycles and enable more people to be empowered to build their own bicycles.

Join us at a weekend workshop to learn more about the Club!

Design Musuem Bicycle.



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