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So my next project is to build a bamboo road frame. which came with a jig but I decided to make my own,

I bought a boxset from Bamboo Bicycle Club.

What is in the box. See pictures below. the dropout where made out of alumnium and the finish was poor but they can easliy by polished up

And one of the tubes was cracked (I read somewhere on the internet that should not be a problem ).

2018-05-02 20-11-35
IMG 0017
IMG 0018

No idea what the beer is for ( I don’t drink the stuff).

Some holes to give air flow in the winter – maybe?

Internal brake cable routing.

Nice touch is 4 furniture screws for bottle holders. I used 2 for the lock and 2 for the Campagnolo gear wire adjusters.

The middle tube is cracked.

I used my own design. 73° + 73° , internal headset glued in, and rear caliper under BB.


Now I am finished it will be interesting to see if it will survive a harsh winter with salty roads and a lot of frost.

IMG 0005
IMG 0012
IMG 0186

So now to wait and see what happens.

The bike rides fine. Just like my steel bikes. Maybe not as harsh but difficult to tell. Have designed the frame for 25 mm tyres but one day will try and fit 28 mm. Wonder if that will make it too soft to ride.

I can defernitly recommend the experience. It certainly gets a lot of comments ( workmates say it will be covered in leaves if I ride in the rain).

It is my daily ride – so it will experience all the weather nature can throw at it.



The complete bike.

Frame – Bamboo

Fork – Aluminium/Carbon

Headset – Condor Aluminium

Stem – Cinelli Vai

Bar – Cinelli Vai PPA

Tape – Cinelli

Props – Condor

Cables – Campagnolo

Calipers – Mavic SSC/Campagnolo TT

Brake pads – Campagnolo Veloce

Post – Cinelli Vai

Clamp bolt – Campagnolo Titanium

Saddle – Ferrari Novus

BB – Campagnolo UT

Chainset – Campagnolo Mirage UT

Pedals – Rock Bros.

Ergopower – Campagnolo Mirage

Front derailleur – Campagnolo Mirage

Rear dérailleur – Campagnolo Mirage

Tyres – Vittoria Rubino Pro

Tubes – Slime

Wheels – Velocity Helios

Skewers – Condor

Cassette – Campagnolo Veloce

Chain – SRAM PC971

Fender – Plume 2

Lock – Abus Bordo Lite 6055

Lights – Lezyne Macro front + Femto rear

Bell – Knog Oi

Weight – 9.6 kg including lock (560g).

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