Evening Standard UK company build 3d Bike!

A London company has 3D printed a bike that is made with bamboo in just eight hours.

The Bamboo Bicycle Club teamed up with the Design Museum in London as they undertook a pioneering live challenge to design, print and test ride a bamboo-framed bike.

Their innovative creation could provide a new approach to bike-building with a focus on sustainable materials.

 Bamboo Bicycle Club’s co-founder James Marr had the maiden test ride. He said: “We believe it could create a really good, sustainable future for bicycles.

“We have used a 3D printer that is quite hi-tech but we have also used simple tools and simple equipment. We have cut the bamboo using a handsaw which means anyone can walk in and do what we have just done very simply.”

An almost complete bamboo bike

The team worked with the University of West London and Oxford Brookes University to create the bike from scratch as part of the Cycle Revolution exhibition at the Design Museum.

Their specialist bike building company teaches people to create their own bicycles and wants to prove that anyone can create their own ‘DIY’ bikes from home grown materials.

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