Finishing the joints on a Bamboo Bike  

Finishing the Joints on a Bamboo Bike

Once you have built your bamboo frame it is time to give your frame the finishing touches. Here are some tips on how to do that and what tools best to use.

Use some great tools from Stanley Surform to get the job done. You will need:

–          OnMetal body Surform Planerfile 5-21-122

–          Moulded Body Surform Block blade 521104

–          Stanley Surform Round file 5 21 297

–          Surform Shaver tool 5 21 115



If you have problems finding those tools in your local DIY outlet, you can get them online.

These tools are all great for roughing the frame. The planerfile can be fitted with a round blade. To shape the inside of the frame use the round file to get the best results.



The Shaver tool is perfect for all-round use and the blade can be mounted to be push-to-cut or pull-to-cut.



Once you finished roughing all the joints, use some emery cloth to smooth the surface.

Wash the joint down with white spirit after sanding and apply polyurethane varnish, thinned down with white spirit. Apply 2-3 coats.




Once the varnish has dried, rub the surface with steel wool. To finish apply two more coats of undiluted polyurethane varnish.


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