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About – Daniel recently built a frame at our London workshop. Here’s a insight into his experiences

Bamboo Bike packed and ready to fly from London to Mumbai
Bamboo Bike packed and ready to fly from London to Mumbai

Hi Guys

Things are going well, Christmas is a weird time in India as the temperature is mid 20’s, there are no Christmas lights, Santa’s, trees or last minute shopping. But saying all that this is the best time of the year to be in India because the weather is so nice and pretty much has 100% sunshine during the day.

Counter-intuitively the summer is the best time to go on holiday outside of India, missing the extreme heat and torrential monsoon downpour!

1/ what do you use your bike for?

I use my bike primarily for exercise and exploring the city in the beautiful and quiet early weekend mornings. During the day it is too crazy to dodge taxi’s, buses, and the occasional oxen!

2/ do you still have a ‘normal’ bike running?Living in Mumbai I only need one bike (no mountain biking here!) and honestly love riding my bamboo bike.

3/ do the benefits of bamboo live up to any expectations you had?Using a Bamboo bike is awesome, stealthy, smooth, a conversation starter and a real head turner.

4/ does your new bike turn any heads in Mumbai?
Bamboo bikes are rare enough in the West, in the East, they are rarer than hens teeth. Also in society’s concerned with wealth using what is perceived as a poor material in a refined way blows some minds, everyone looks.

5/ what has been the most bizarre comment so far?
Not so much the comments (people can be reserved) it is the look in the eye and the wonder at the use of material, it is using a material so beyond what they can expect. I have had people come up and touch the bike, letting their hands tell their eyes that “yes… it really is bamboo!”

6/ what’s next for you and bamboo? – more bikes?
I will not go back to traditional metal frames again! I now need to build one for my wife and a partially disabled friend is interested in the weight saving characteristics of bamboo with a motorized hub to replace a heavy three wheel bicycle, going to be busy!

Daniel with his finished Bamboo bike
Daniel with his finished Bamboo bike
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