Phase One: Set Up the Jig

To celebrate National Bike Week, a promotion of healthy and sustainable living, we are giving you an exclusive look at the creation of an eco-friendly bamboo bicycle from start to finish. Follow along with us throughout the week where we will be posting a new step at 16:00 each day.

Phase One

The bike building process begins with an idea and a vision. All our bikes are custom designed and drawn digitally for precision and accuracy, so builders can choose from any frame style. We guide them through the design process. Giving people this freedom allows us to expand our creations from road bikes to the more specialist fatbike and tandems!

The builder must first prepare the jig, positioning it accurately to match their design. Once the jig has been set up, the frame can now be built accurately, making sure that the frame is centred correctly. The jig set-up is essential, as any inaccuracies can result in incorrect geometry. The first bikes we built over 5 years ago were so big (wheel fit paranoia!) few could ride them… lessons learnt!

Photo Courtesy of James Cannon

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