Frame building tool kit.


Bamboo Bicycle Club Team

“Ok, we’ve finally done it! we’ve created a tool kit for everyone building at home. This comes with all the tools you need at home, you will just need a drill. It even comes with a reusable brush so you can reuse again and again.”

Delivery – Allow 5 working days once the order is placed. The pack will be shipped with DHL.


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Masking TapeMasking tape 25 x50mm
40 Grit SandpaperCloth belt 40 grit
Saw150mm flush cut saw
Tape MeasureTape measure 2M
Round File1/2 round file
PencilsCarpenter pencils
RullerSteel Frame Square
KnifeStanley Knife
Electrical tapeElectrical Tape 30m
Drill BitsLip & Spur Drill Bit Set 5pce 4, 6, 8 10
Ratio CupRatio Cup
Silicone BrushRe-usable Brush
Lollipop SticksLollipop sticks 10 x