Modular Bamboo Bicycle Dropouts


Bamboo Bicycle Club Team

“Over the years we’ve had lots of different dropouts design. Lots of club members have built a frame and then decide when it’s too late that they now want a disc brake or hub thru-axle. Our modular dropouts are changeable for every type of build combination, future proofing a frame and allowing all types of groupsets, disc brakes, single speed, hub gears and many more to be installed”

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The dropouts include

  • Horizontal fittings (single speed and hub gear bikes)
  • Standard Vertical fittings with rear derailleur mount (geared bikes)
  • 12mm thru-axle 12 x 1.5
  • Direct mount disc brake fittings
  • Mudguard and pannier fitting
  • 5 x fittings for modular dropouts.

Material = Made using 5251 6mm aluminum





55 degrees (small/medium), 65 degrees (large/XL)

Thru Axle

Yes, No