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Bamboo Bicycle Club Team

“The ultimate experience for any cyclist. This is one our most popular products as it’s such a unique experience and once the bicycle is built something which can be enjoyed year after year.”


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  • Gift voucher for weekend workshop
  • 2 day frame build
  • 4 day bike build – the voucher does not include components like wheels handlebars etc. We can provide a quote or a donor bike can be uses
  • Needs to be used within 12 months of purchase
  • Can book any workshop date that we have availability.
  • Custom frame design based on participants’ measurements.
  • All materials and tools are provided.
  • Gift pack, including some bamboo and beer that we have in the workshop!
  • Available at our London, Munich or Amersfoort workshop.

Reviews – 

What a fab course excellent knowledge from James about how to go about building the frame you want. Met some lovely people also building a bike, good to talk through different ideas with people. Would highly recommend this course, thinking of getting a home build kit for my 14yr old son
Paul Reed
Fantastic weekend with James and Betty. I learnt a lot from the workshop. No prior knowledge needed as James leads you through. Great fun – diverse range of people attending, International and local, young and old, and from very different backgrounds. Thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to the next stage in the bike build. Keep at it James.
Russell Facer
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best way to build your own bike. James was knowledgeable, supportive and above all -encouraging. Pick your own bamboo, work at your own pace, learn to mitre tubes- this workshop has it all. James (and Elias- good luck in Montreal) was always on hand to give tips, point out the obvious (and not so obvious) and if you were struggling, help out. If you want to learn about bikes/product design/ alternative materials/ people skills/ motivation/ manual skills/ composites/ yourself- look no further than James, his enthusiasm for life and the Bamboo Bicycle Club. When did you last mitre a tube correctly? Totally worth it.
Mathew Wilson
I attended a bamboo frame making week end and really enjoyed the whole activity. Very good organization and team plus an interesting group of like minded makers. The frame and subsequent bike is my favorite, much loved and admired. the skills and techniques I learned have bean used to make a powered bike trailer and am now working on a recumbent .
Finn Kennedy
Built 3 bikes with James now. I’ve been a regular weekly visitor this year working on new racing design sleek aero frame styled similar to 3TStrada. Slimmed down tube sliced, section removed to make oval aero foil and glued back. Seat post cut to a neat radius and set 3mm gap to rear wheel. Top tube flat top. Fitted out with SRAM Red ETAP wireless group set, Easton EC90 deep section tubeless wheels
Jamie Roberts
A wonderful experience, creatively satisfying and challenging. James is a confident communicator and a believer in our innate ability to make things. His guidance was invaluable and the skills learnt are technical, practical and social.
Grant Smith
A fantastic way to spend a weekend. Really enjoyed the process of building my own frame from bamboo. James was on hand to give help where needed, but gives you enough space to feel like your bike is you own creation. If your lucky, you might get the odd cup of tea too…
Lorna Latimer
I built my road bike at a workshop in 2015, been riding it pretty much every day since. Certainly one of the best ways to spend a weekend and as a bonus you come away with new skills and a unique, beautiful, functional bicycle. Get involved and join the club!
Building the frame, at home, and then kitting out the bike was a fantastic project. I learnt so much about the make up of bikes and what components to fit. There was always support from James over the phone.
A real sense of achievement rolling out onto the road on a bike I built myself and the it rides very well.
Dave Clement

A great weekend learning lots of new skills and meeting some really passionate, knowledgeable people. The perfect amount of guidance to ensure I came out with a rideable bike, whilst still getting the satisfaction of doing everything yourself and being able to ride something truly unique.

Thank you James and the Bamboo Bicycle Club!!

David Gilmore
Workshop Length

2 Day Frame Workshop, 4 Day Bicycle Workshop