Ride 24



Great trip, cycling holiday adventure, friendly people, wind, rain, sun and real grit….. Being British, I think I could be excused for moaning about the weather and all the elements at once. But not this Pom.

This is my third Revolve24: 2 x Brands Hatch (8 man team, 6 man team) and for Adelaide Down Under I joined the Luekaemia team RideAsOne (team of 5) captained by Kane Stoddard aka Willi Twopointo.

Late last November on a bit of a whim, I contacted David Fell, registered, and six weeks later (and some minimal planning) I packed up my latest all just built Bamboo Bike with SRAM Red Etap and Easton EC90 deep sections. New pair of Fizik cycling shoes as well as Garmin Vector 3 pedals.

– what is it they say “don’t change or add anything new” prior to a cycling event!

So into the fire!

I arrived in Sydney on 4 January. I thought: catch up with friends, a few ‘gentle’ test rides and make a few adjustments ready for Adelaide. I left the UK hovering around 10 C and lower. Although I knew OZ would be in the mid 30 C it was still a shock. More so for my recently finished bamboo bike: all the mechanical settings needed re-adjustments and the baking sun caused a few ripples on fresh gleaning white paint. Front mech mount broke loose and came unstuck during a climb in Lane Cove Natural Park.

Shake down test around Sydney > 35 C – how do you even cycle? Apologies to Sydneysiders but what a crazy scary ride –  DON’T try riding on Pacific Highway again!  Immediately the cycling revealed wobbly bottom bracket, I swear this was tight and proper torqued back in the UK.

Bike fit with Cyclery Northside in Chatswood for necessary adjustments. A few Running repairs: front mech disaster averted with use Gorilla Glue and gaffer tape – don’t think could do frame repair on anything else so quick #bamboobicycleclub

On to Adelaide, 10 January

Glenelg base and place to ‘chill’ for a bit at the beach and take a couple of gentle rides around CBD and to Port Adelaide.

Revolve24 – 13/14 January at The Bend

The event weekend at Tailem Bend was fantastic, a real buzz with excitement. Although completely new yet familiar like at Revolve24 Brands Hatch. Teams arrive, pit garage quickly comes alive and there begins the quite fussing as everyone and other teams knit together – ‘base camp’ for next 24 hours.

Saturday: sand, rain and wind – oh so much wind!
Night time: quiet, cool and fast
Sunday: the calm, sunny

Team of 5, initially decided on 1 hour rides but after first full hour in wind changed to 30 mins. So we settled for 4 or 5 laps per stint. 24 hours (went so quickly) and 8 stints later some of us clocked up 150 km. Great Team finish – linked arms across the track.

Presentations, what a great crowd of people, somewhat humble in their achievements, the teams and soloist riders, many hardly able to stand. At the end it was more as whole RideAsOne – everyone together rather than individuals/teams.

The amount of organisational work that went into running this event was so evident. Great staff, helpers, owners, marshals and officials – everyone so positively and genuinely friendly.

The way back home

Packed up and quickly back to Adelaide. Catch the week of Santos TDU, hang out at the Tour Village followed a few events, although getting quite hot again at 35 C. Glenelg Street party / stage 3 and then final beach time R and R.

Took time out to visit: CycleLogical / Chiro Practical at Magill Rd – chiropractic correction and bike fit. With Lund Sox and Arlya Lodge

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