Ringmer School Build

Bamboo Bicycle Club have been working with Sustrans and Ringmer School to create a program for their after schools cycle club.

The after school club had been run Peter Baxter (Design and Technology) and Brian Seller (A local resident and retired engineer) . They have start the build with a single frame build, Brian leading the build and pupils shadowing at different stages.

Bamboo Bikes in Schools

To explore further the unique properties of bamboo (different to traditional timber) the school are also using a craft kit and combine with our speaker manual and they have been able to learn the skills to shape and manipulate bamboo. Essential when building a bamboo bike!

Bamboo Bike Dropouts

The build has explored all the mechanical properties around a bicycle with lesson consisting of shaping bamboo into miniature triangles to explore the strength around a traditional “safety bicycle design”.

Ringmer will be continuing the build in the new year and we look forward to seeing their finished bike!





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