Team Limitless crossing the Pyrenees

With five years of adventure travel experience, some with travel partners, Léandre knew that the difficulty of crossing the pyrenees would test more than just gear. Becca, with almost no adventure travel experience came into this experience not knowing if she had what it took to complete this wild journey up and over the Pyrenees….

This is the story of how crossing the Pyrenees tested the strength and the teamwork of the Limitless World Team

From Léandre’s Perspective

I traveled more than 5 years non-stop around the world before starting the Limitless project. I climbed several high peaks on different continents, many of them over 6000 meters. I crossed thirty countries on motorcycle, in vans, by bicycle, hitchhiking, and on foot, sometimes through roads known to be physically challenging, mentally challenging, or dangerous. During these trips, I even experienced several brushes with death.

The crossing of the Pyrenees as we did it is one of the greatest sports challenges I’ve ever completed, one of the strongest human experiences I’ve ever had, and was the most physically intense thing I’ve ever done.

We sometimes had to make several trips to get our bikes and equipment up and over steep, high altitude mountains. Sometimes, the terrain was so complicated that we could only make 4 to 5 km of forward progress in a day. The efforts were intense, and we used every ounce of reserve energy in our bodies to continue forward.

From a human perspective, Becca and I sealed our bond. I often wondered if this relationship could work. Being two friends of different genders with extremely different life experiences, the collaboration seemed strange or impossible based on how different we are. And yet, it is our differences that unite us. Our differences build our strength and allowed us to accomplish this crazy adventure across the Pyrenees.

The test is over, it has been positive, we are ready to travel the world, together!

From Becca’s Perspective

Before this crossing, I was by no means an athlete, but I considered myself pretty athletic. I cycled regularly, did a bit of crossfit, completed triathlons and spartan races, and did physical labor jobs with my fair share of endurance. I have traveled, but not extensively, and my adventure travel experience was limited to very curated guided tours. None of this prepared me for this Pyrenees crossing.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally, crossing the Pyrenees was harder than anything I’ve ever done in my entire life. Getting that much weight up and over the mountains day after day while learning how to mountain bike (this was basically my first time!) pushed me beyond my limits almost daily.

In the space beyond my limits, I screamed. I cried. I begged the mountains to stop sending hills. I got angry at myself. I got angry at Léandre. I contended with deep emotions around not feeling that I am enough. I felt empty. But I kept going.

My struggles did not stop, but day my day, my capacity for joy increased. The struggles didn’t set in as quickly. And by the final day when we pushed for 15 hours to get to the Atlantic, I realized that I was finally having fun.


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