The Thames Project: a fight against sea plastic

Have you ever taken a stroll down a river path to be shocked by how much litter and plastic collects on its bank and you see floating past you? Of course, some of this is due to inconsiderate individuals throwing their litter directly into the river but a lot is due to rubbish in areas such as streets being blown and washed into the rivers and cities and being carried out by the current.

This isn’t just an eye sore, but also has a negative impact on the health of the river both environmentally and for the animals that live in or close to it. This is especially true when the plastic inevitably reaches the sea and seriously impacts the precious wildlife that lives in it.

The Mission

The Thames Project was one man’s realisation that the impact of plastic on our waterways is an unsustainable and highly concerning issues. Through a combination of sailing, litter picking on the Thames foreshore and a visit to the sewers of London, Dhruv Boruah became innately aware that something had to be done to tackle this issue.

Employing a combination of a hand-made bamboo bike, a shuttle bike kit and a billboard SUP, Dhruv took to the waters of the Thames. In an effort to collect plastic both in an effort to get rid of some of that which is polluting the water but also to raise awareness of the cause and the issue that is at hand.

During the process Dhruv also geotagged the rubbish he collected in order to highlight the key areas where rubbish had collected during his trip.   

Bamboo Bikes

As part of the kit the Dhruv used on his journey was a handmade bike that had been crafted out of bamboo. Not only is bamboo ideal as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to steel, but is also incredibly versatile…so a brilliant choice for Dhruv’s 150-mile challenge on water.

The material itself has been tested in all environments from cross country treks, to mountain bikers and BMXers and has stood up to all of these. Putting it in firm competition to it’s steel alternatives.

In this article, we have taken a look at the awesome challenge taken on by Dhruv to clear up the rubbish and raise awareness of the plastic that pollutes are waterways in the UK. He has done this both by taking on the mammoth unsupported task of travelling 150 miles down the Thames to collect litter as well geotagging where these build ups are to show potential problem areas for further management.


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