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Alec recently built a bike with us,

Most of you may know I do a bit of cycling and many of you will have received past “blogs” of Bob and my cycling adventures. You probably hoped that having finished our ride from London in St Petersburg last year that would be the end of them though I’m sure you were left secretly wondering – what next?  Well here’s the answer, we’ve been back in the saddle for another ride in an exotic and otherworldly eastern land. To find out where we went and how we got on then take a look at the attached PDF. However before you do there is something much, much, much more important – I want your money:


On Sunday the 2nd August, I am riding in the Prudential Ride London – Surrey 100 (that’s 100 miles) for Wateraid a charity that I regularly support.  Every time we turn on a tap, open a bottle, take a shower, water the garden or flush the toilet we take for granted that we will get a fresh and clean supply of water. We barely give it a thought but quite literally it is the stuff of life. Others are not so lucky. 650 million people live without safe water, 2.3 billion live without adequate sanitation and 500,000 children a year, that is a staggering 1,400 a day, die from diarrhoea as a result of this unsafe water and poor sanitation.  That is why the vital and essential work of Wateraid is so very important.  So please give generously.


Though I’ve ridden long distances before I’ve never ridden 100 miles in one day and to add some interest I will be riding on a bike I have hand built myself out of – bamboo!  At this point people usually display a look of amazement whilst stifling a giggle but bamboo is a strong, versatile and natural product which is easy to work and has great road vibration absorbing qualities. I now have a handsome and unique bike made possible with the help and guidance of James at the Bamboo Bike Club and Simon and Richard at NRG Cycles  –  see attached.

What better way to give the bike, and me, a real challenge than riding a 100 miles in less than 8.5 hours! My Wateraid fundraising target is £575. I’d really like to well exceed this and Bob and John have got me well on my way. I know you all to be generous, compassionate and caring people who, I hope, will have a few spare quid to support a such a good cause as an old chunky bloke going up Box Hill. So please give what you can to save lives and help me to keep the pedals turning when things get hard.  Thank you.

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