Wooden Bicycle Components

There is a current re-emergence in the use wooden frames and components – from 1897-1898, timber was competing to be the favoured material for bicycle frames but with superior manufacturing reliability, steel soon came-up trumps commercially. Wooden wheels and handlebars were frequently used in bicycles up to the 1950s, with handlebars being recommended for long rides to reduce vibration to wrists and arms.

In 2012 there are number of timber frame manufacturers using hardwood and increasingly bamboo, the most notable being Craig Calfee. There is also a trend towards using wooden components due to their dampening effects compared to that of steel.

There are a number of manufacture’s of wooden fenders but Planet Bikes range are the most readily available in the UK

Wooden rims made by Bellagio Ghisallo – an Italian manufacturer of wooden bicyicle components – really cool range
Renovo Bicycles are manufactured in the US using hardwoods
Example of wooden handlebars – they’re are quite a few manufacture’s – fast boy fenders.
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