The Working Artisans’ Club Exhibition: Opening Night in London

Following much of the same in Munich last month, we were in really cool company at the opening night of The Working Artisans’ Club exhibition in Shoreditch yesterday; set up to celebrate the yearlong editorial series on contemporary handcrafts featured in Huck Magazine and sponsored by O’Neill.

After a day of screwing in shelves, inhaling the fumes of rubbing alcohol, dusting away wood shavings, downing some coffee and generally trying to set up without losing the plot, we were proud to be presented alongside other people from the maker community when doors opened; with featured peers including pro mountain biker turned bag maker Leander Angerer and ocean inspired artist Daniela Garreton. Hosted at 71a, the basement space of publisher The Church of London, it was a great display of DIY culture and evening of beer-fuelled networking (pretty much unavoidable when one of the artisans is a bespoke brewer).

The showcase is on till the 18th of November, and we’re looking forward to holding a free workshop at 6pm that day, with a live demo and Q&A so people can learn first-hand about how we make our bamboo frames from scratch and implement a natural material to construct a solid, durable bike build. We’ve got a beach cruiser, snow bike and track bike on display, so please do come check out the end results, hear about the satisfaction of using your own bare hands to create and feel free to ask us any questions.

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