Bamboo Bicycle Club volunteer programme

The volunteer programme offers people who are interested in building bamboo bikes the chance to bring their skills to the workshop to help other people build and finish their frames. It’s an excellent way of sharing your workshop experience with like-minded cyclists and can help you develop your own personal skills.


Join a weekend workshop to guide frame builders through the steps needed to complete their bikes over two days: choosing suitable bamboo, measuring and cutting it to size, piecing it all together and finally wrapping and gluing the joints.


Perhaps you are an engineering student who wants more hands-on experience, or feel you need to put some of that theory into practice. Maybe you want to add some people-oriented skills to the technical ones you’re acquiring on your course.

Or perhaps you have already built your own bamboo bicycle and would like to join the growing ‘bamboo bicycle community’, and encourage other people to do the same.

You may just be a cycling nut who likes nothing better than helping someone else build their unique “n+1” bicycle of choice.


Volunteering is a chance to work with other people in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere, bringing your own experience and enthusiasm to help other people create their unique bicycle frames. It’s rewarding and fun to meet fellow enthusiasts as they learn about the materials and construction methods, and watch their creations take shape over a two day workshop.

Volunteers who help out for a minimum of 10 sessions will be entitled to materials and workshop time to build their own frame when it suits them, with only minimal supervision by Bamboo Bicycle Club staff.

Volunteers will have their travel expenses paid each day they attend.


You will attend the workshop and move from builder to builder guiding them as they work. It’s probable that you have already built a bamboo bike, either at a weekend workshop or from a home-build kit, but that isn’t essential and the Club’s experts are always on hand.

You should have some experience of the workshop’s tools and methods – drills, saws, craft knives, epoxy resin and hemp – and the qualities of bamboo. But more important is an ability to inspire the participants as they design and construct their own bikes.


Workshops are generally held every other weekend throughout the year.

Workshop participants often book to return during the week to sand and paint their frames and then fit components.


At Bamboo Bicycle Club’s Autumn Street workshop, London, E3.