*LIVE* at the Design Museum! 3D Bamboo Bike DAY 2.

Released: 10th April 2016

Published by: James Marr

A live blog from the Design Museum to talk you through a day of finalising the world’s first ever 3D printed bamboo bicycle!

Communications from Frank at A Marr + Associates.
Today we’ll focussing on cleaning up the frame and adding the components that our sponsors have provided to us. Our sponsors include wheels set from Halo, chain and sprocket from Gates, the saddle and grips from Brookes, England and the tools from Lezyne.

Thanks for all your support, it’s an interesting ride! 

14:18 – LIVE UPDATE – Filming the campaign! 

We’ve had some wonderful support from Great Coats Films who have been behind the filmmaking for both the kickstarter campaign and the event.
“Our aim for the film is to create a historic log and document everyone who has been involved with the project. We want to ensure the experience is shared with everyone by filming this unique weekend!” say Precious Mahaga.

13:45 – LIVE UPDATE – Components are being added! 
An update from Emmanuel “We’ve fixed a singular brake and cable to the front, the crank and back wheel have been fitted. We’re now just aligning the rear wheel!”

12:25 – LIVE UPDATE – The stand by Studio Bark

The concept behind the stand is to showcase sustainability, simplicity and the environmental credentials of bamboo and wood.
“Timber and especially bamboo is one of the world’s most important carbon sequestrator’s [carbon capture], this stand demonstrates how we can encourage more widespread usage of this sustainable material”
says Wilf Meynell
The stand has 16 bamboo plant pots that show eight years of growth. The design represents the key elements to the Bamboo Bicycle Club like the bamboo frames that have been joined together by elastic chords. The frames are joined together by 3D printed lugs to hold the graphics information panels. FSC birch plywood has been used due to it’s long lasting strength to create a minimalistic look and to also be easy to use over and over again.

11:15 – LIVE BLOG – The morning begins! Overcoming problems.
We spent the morning fixing a few small issues with the accuracy of the 3D printer and have been joined by Dr Shpend Gerguri an engineering, design and 3D specialist from Oxford Brookes University.
The main issues this morning was the accuracy of specification in the 3D printed carbon fibre. We resolved the issues using a high grade drill bit to file is down so that we could increase the dimension.
The team are currently bonding the bottom bracket-shell with glues (where the pedals go!) to ensure it stays strong!