Hybrid Frame Build Kit


Our hybrid frame offers a combination of out and out speed on the flat top with a more comfortable position that suits all day riding. It makes a great base for a commuter, city bike or tourer.

As with all our frames, you can customise to your heart’s desire. Fixed gear, singlespeed, disc brake, gear hub, our hybrid frame will do it all admirably.


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perfect hybrid for commuting and fitness…..

  • The do it all bike style
  • Geometry tuned for a fast and comfortable ride
  • Excellent stiffness and natural vibration damping
  • Compatible with caliper and disc brakes
  • Tapered or 1 1/8″ head tube
  • Modular interchangeable dropouts for all ride styles and gearing options

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Designed and perfected over 6 years by our team of engineers, our kits are simple to make and give reliable, dependable bikes you can be sure will stand up to years of abuse!

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time to make…

Allow 2 days to build the frame at a leisurely pace. If you’re pushing it can be completed in 1 day.  Or alternatively build over 5 evenings. 

Components can be purchased through us or at your local bike shop. Or use a donor bike.


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why it’s great to build your own!

1 – whether you follow our standardized frame blueprints or go custom for a perfect fit, you’ll be building your own truly unique bike.

2 – there’s no faster or more economical way to build a bike!

3 – join the club! all the support you need, and our 1 year frame warranty.

4 – our kits are proven – check out our social media to see hundreds of happy club members and their bikes.

5 – for all ages from 12 – 100+

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supported while you build.

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1. clear, concise manuals.

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2. online videos.

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3. expert help.

We’re always on hand to give expert advice or just a bit of encouragement! You can reach us on:

  • telephone: +44 330 330 9025
  • skype: bamboobicycleclub
  • facebook: /bamboobicycle
  • twitter: @bamboobicycle
  • e-mail: [email protected]



Extra information.


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What’s included

Bamboo tubes (with spares)10
A0, full size blueprint1
Aluminum tapered head tube1
Aluminium seat-sleeve for 27.2mm seat post1
Standard 68mm english threaded bottom bracket shell1
Modular dropouts with options for 3 fittings – standard vertical, standard horizontal or 12mm thru-axle. Custom designed dropouts are available2
Flax fibre webbing for lugs1
Glue for tacking1
Epoxy resin and hardener1
Instruction manuals – Workmanship Guide, Introduction and Set-up, Step by Step build guide + online videos1
Custom developed bamboo bike jig and fittings1
Sandpaper and sanding tube1
Finishing packs for bottle mounts and cable runs1
Custom brewed Bamboo Beer1

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Stanley knife or similar1
Sandpaper, 80 grit1 pack
Wood saw, a tenon saw is ideal1
Drill, plus 10mm, 8mm bits1
Masking tape, 50mm wide1 roll
Measuring tape1
Electrical tape2 rolls
Disposable gloves5 pairs
Strong scissors1
Brown paper/newspaper
Plastic cup (for mixing epoxy)2
Paint brush ~40mm wide (for mixing and applying epoxy)1

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All measurements in mm

HYBRID BIKESmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Frame Sizeinches17″19″21″23″
Seat Tube – Center to Topmm432mm482mm533mm584mm
Top Tube (Virtual)mm545mm560mm570mm580mm
Head Tube AngleDegrees70°71°71°71°
Head Tubemm120mm130mm140mm140mm
Seat Tube AngleDegrees73°73°73°73°
Chainstay Lengthmm435mm435mm435mm435mm
Bottom Bracket Dropmm69mm69mm69mm69mm

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what people have made..


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Small 157 – 170cm / 5′ 2″ – 5′ 7″, Medium 168 – 184cm/5′ 6″ – 6′ 0″, Large 180 – 193cm/5′ 11″ – 6′ 4″, XL 190 – 196cm/6′ 3″ – 6′ 5″