RBKC Bamboo Bicycle talk and demonstration

Released: 25th July 2013

Published by: James Marr

We were recently asked to give a talk on “how to build a bamboo bicycle’ for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. The talk ran over two hours and we demonstrated methods of how to build a bamboo bicycle. Allowing people to gain a understand the material usage and how it was applicable for bicycles.  We also talked about how our unique methods as well as how instructed people over a weekend workshop, how to build a safe and durable bicycle that would last and function as any bicycle should.

Bamboo Bicycle Club talk
Ian talking about the virtues of a bamboo bicycle!

Bamboo Bike Talk
Ian & James setting up jigs etc. at the beginning of the talk
Bamboo Bicycle Club talk
Demo on how to set the jig up for building a bamboo bike