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The first few hundred miles – Kate Rawles

If you are starting in Cartagena, Colombia, Santa Marta is not on the way to Patagonia. It’s about 150 miles up the coast to the north east. But, with a cluster of invites to visit various environmental projects in that direction, it seemed like a minor and worthy detour. And so, finally, after 5 weeks […]

Cycling around Colombia on my Bamboo Bicycle

Cycling around Colombia on my Bamboo Bicycle The beginning: My plans to organize NYE in Cartagena with my friends fell apart and I thought will go to Colombia anyway. Then I thought, while I was there, why fly? or why use public transport? and not bike instead. I had never biked since high school and […]

Review of Design Museum

Recent review of the Design Museum by Bamboo Bicycle Club member – Exhibitionsmith – click for more reviews. I’d describe myself as a fledgling cyclist yet have already been the unhappy recipient of a Penalty Notice for Disorder and a £60 fine courtesy of the Royal Parks Police on my way to work one morning, so […]

Emanuele Weekly Update.

[spb_column width=”2/3″ el_position=”first”] HI BAMBOO BICYCLE COMMUNITY!! I’m Emanuele, 25 year old product designer from Italy. After four months working at the Bamboo Bicycle Club, I’m ready to start a new journey sharing with you my ideas, projects and my point of view through this blog. At first glance, I thought a bamboo bike was […]

A Review of Spin London 2015 – Urban Bike show

A guest blog by Claire one of our Club Member – Thanks for the submission As a novice cyclist – to say the least! – I viewed attending ‘Spin London: The Urban Cycle Show’ on a hungover Sunday afternoon with mild suspicion. And with a name suggesting a city-wide workout, this suspicion grew to trepidation […]