Top 5 Bamboo Bicycles

If you’re thinking of buying a bamboo bicycle, there are an ever-increasing number of manufactures out there – the majority of whom operate out of the US. Prices for a complete bamboo bicycle start at $1800, rising up to and over $5000. See a collection of bicycle all the information has been taken directly from the respective websites.

The Bamboo Bicycle Club’s top-5 bikes listed below are all fantastic products, but if you really want to create a bicycle personal to you, we can only recommend that you sign-up for one of our workshops!

1 Calfee Design Tandem – A unique concept that pushes the boundaries of bamboo as a material

Calfee Design Bamboo Bicycle

Calfee Design set out to build a tandem that would do everything very well; it would excel on or off road, it would be happy in urban environments or in adventure-touring, it would be durable enough to grow old with a young family and fun and fast enough to race. Calfee Design chose bamboo tubing for many reasons including:

  • The resultant bicycle frames become very stiff, transferring power efficiently
  • They are highly durable, resisting damage from stress and impacts
  • They are comfortable, far surpassing aluminum, steel, titanium and most carbon frames when it comes to smoothness.

Calfee Design use bamboo tubes that are mitered together and bound by epoxy soaked hemp fibre, creating a frame with the most notable characteristic, beyond its beauty, is its incredible vibration dampening. Calfee Design thoughtfully paired this extremely functional frame with complimentary components – highlights include the internally geared hub, hydraulic disc brakes and dual carbon belts.

2 Boo Cycles – THE BOO 29ER – combining a 29 wheel size combined with ride quality of bamboo

Bamboo for a mountain bike?  Will it really be durable enough for big hits, suspension forks, rocks and anything else mountain bikers can throw at a bike?
The Boo MTB, available in 26″ and 29″ versions, is a very robust and stiff machine capable of seasons of abuse.  The construction is similar to all other Boo models, with specially treated and hand selected dendrocalamus strictus bamboo tubing and high-modulus carbon wrapped tube-to-tube.  All aspects of the frame have been beefed up to weather the elements, including thicker tube walls all around and additional carbon layers at the joints.
The Boo MTB’s true advantage is in bamboo’s special ride properties.  The bamboo is able to flex very slightly over trail chatter, gravel, and washboard – smoothing the ride and letting you hammer in the saddle all day with less fatigue and more speed.  Bamboo is truly the best material in existence for a race-ready trail rig, and the Boo MTB marries it to carbon fiber for light weight and ultimate stiffness.

3 BioMega- A Bamboo Based Bicycle with metal lugs and a unique drivetrain

True innovation requires an open mind, a willingness to embrace new ideas – or to create a completely new way of thinking. That principle is what led to the creation of the Ross Lovegrove – designed Bamboo, a new addition to the Biomega line for 2008. When properly prepared (as it is for our Bamboo), fast-growing bamboo is stronger than steel, with a wonderful natural radiance. This intricately finished yet highly functional bike was co-developed with the expertise of Brazilian bamboo specialist Flavio Deslandes, and is handmade in Denmark to exacting standards. Combined with a low-maintenance shaft drive, the Bamboo is the ideal personification of your desire to reintroduce the wonder of the natural world into today’s urban environment.

Bio-mega bamboo bike

4 Bamboosero – Experienced Bamboo Bicycle builders have designed a excellant road bike.

Being the first Bamboosero model to be raced, this bike is designed around classic European road racing geometry. The bamboo absorbs vibration exceptionally well and is suitable for the roughest of roads. The frame is designed to be plenty stiff for the average sized rider of a given frame size. The wide range of sizes offered allows you to get one that fits perfectly. They come with horizontal dropouts allowing for singlespeed or internally geared hub use and are built with a brake bridge for standard reach caliper brakes. You may also select a disc brake setup with vertical dropouts. This frame can also accommodate a rack and fenders.

5. Panda Bicycle combining steel frames with the dampening abilities bamboo

Panda Bikes

“The Action” is a city bike design that captures a vintage English country cruiser look with modern cycling accoutrements, like the single chain-ring up front with the 9 speed cassette in the rear.

The lugged frame construction provides a great under-saddle feel, while the bamboo seat tube adds a smoothness and level of vibration dampening that steel alone cannot provide. This bike is designed to be in action – whether you are rambling down country roads, cruising through city streets, or rolling on an Inn to Inn tour. This bike can be easily incorporated into one’s daily routine with serious comfort and unforgettable style.

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