Where Can I Bring My Bamboo Bike?

What fun would it be to build a bike and not get to go anywhere? We’ll answer that for you. None. So for those wondering “where can I take my bamboo bike?”, here are five different terrains that our customers have built and taken their bikes on:

BMX/Skate Parks

Pic 1Some time ago, we, along with Mpora and Fathead, decided to test the strength of bamboo by building a BMX bike…and then trying to break it. Turns out, as we told them, they’re pretty freaking solid. The frame held up better than the components, again, as we predicted, though Fathead was giving this bike a beating.


This may be a bit obvious, but it’s still a terrain, so it’s going on the list. We build road bikes for competitive cycling and leisure. Granted, nearly any design can be ridden on roads. Our most recent favourite is our tandem bike frame; you know, the ones that multiple people ride at the same time?


Three mates, Nicky, Tom and Dan, are currently cycling over 15,000 miles from London to Singapore on bikes built in our shop. Why? To raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), who provides impartial medical care in areas of conflict and disaster around the world. That being said, they’ve been through a lot of different terrains, the most impressive being snow.

Samsun (Turkey) to Tbilisi (Georgia), the lads decided to detour through the mountains for a bit of a challenge. And what a challenge it was. Not only did they have to cycle uphill, but there were also the problems of bikes slipping in snow, hands tingling in gloves, and sleeping bags augmented with clothes for warmth. To see what they’re up to now, check out their facebook page here and see their latest video below.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”200″]


Like I said, our three bikers encountered snow in the mountains, which obviously means you can ride your bikes in the mountains with no problems, as well. We build mountain bikes for off-road biking of any kind. Trails, roads, water. Yes, water.

Beaches (Including on water)

FullSizeRenderWho doesn’t love a good beach cruiser? They make for a relaxing day out. But what about actually taking your bike out to sea? Well, we haven’t gotten that far yet, but one of our workshop attendees came up with the brilliant idea to convert his bike into a boat. We’re still working out the kinks, but there you have it. Our first bamboo bike boat.

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